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ESG Energy, Inc. (“ESGY”) is an independent, forward-leaning team of experienced E&P professionals with a vast book of attractive conventional Oil & Gas development prospects in the onshore Texas region.

In an effort to expand our Green/ESG Sustainability mission, we are in discussions with a group responsible for formulating the standards and regulations relating to “Certified Clean Gas” in the market. The increasing trend toward overseas importers of LNG requiring “Certified” LNG feedstock affords us the opportunity to set up prototype systems and preliminary testing protocols for this exciting and necessary program. To the degree our existing seismic data suggests viable clean natural gas development opportunities, we plan to establish partnerships to explore prototype testing of Certified Gas wellhead and processing sites to assist in the formulation of new standards and regulations.

In addition to the potentially ground-breaking E&P projects, ESGY has also identified a future need for a fusion between the need for “Green” Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (“CCUS”) technology and the advanced geology and engineering expertise borne out of the conventional exploration and production space This CCUS focus is secondary to our primary E&P plans, but gives us a future “Green” business line.